Jeffrey Daymont

Based in Long Beach CA

Jeffrey Daymont has a wide range of skills and routines to fit a variety of needs. He can perform anything from a six minute act for a revue show to his one hour stage show.

For those looking for flashy juggling. Jeffrey performs musical routines with balls, club, and ball spinning. His world famous box manipulation act features original music.

For those who prefer comedy, Jeffery performs a variety of routines with unusual props a variety routines with unusual props including bongos, unicycle, rola-bola balancing and audience participation. Jeffrey performs “G” rated family friendly show and even has jokes for Japanese audiences. And of course there is “Sergie the Acrobat” who is highlighted in the book 4000 years of juggling, and the most versatile Cabbage Patch doll performing today. Sergie's slapstick skills bring tears of laughter to children and adults alike.