Jim Vilandre

Based in Fargo ND

Over the past 25 years, Jim and the bands that he has toured with have opened and shared the stage with many national touring acts!  Among them are Starship with Mickey Thomas, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Back-up band for Peter Noon from Herman’s Hermits, Backed up Dickey Lee currently writing at Polygram records, Sozo (Former keyboardist for the Newsboys), The Fairfield Four(Gospel Quintet from Nashville), and many more artists and bands.

 Jim has been featured in Devils Lake Journal, the Fargo forum, KXJB broadcast television, Power 92.7 radio guest, KFNW radio guest, KDVL, KZZY, WDAY television, Minnesota Christian Chronicle, Love Power television guest 2 times, Pax television performing before an estimated 90 million viewers/ Toured many state fairs in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and numerous college events and tours!  Competed in the battle of the bands placing 3rd as a teenager, invited back to the Grand stand Jam Grand Forks Red River Valley Fair. Jim has also been invited back twice to the annual Trollwood performing arts festival in Fargo ND.Â

Chances are if you have been anywhere, you have seen Jim or anyone of the bands that Jim has been in.

Jim has toured the Jamaican seas, as the featured act on Regal Cruise lines 2 years in a row.

Jamaica, Grand Caymond Islands, Costa Rica, San Blas Islands, Key West Florida, Panama canal, and Cozumel are just some of the areas that this trip took them on.Â


Life Passion and Pursuit of excellence-


Professional-Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician/ Producer/ Manager/ Music Arranger/ Booking Agent/ Music Business and Stage Manager/ Worship Leader/ Choir Director/ Actor/ Public Speaker/ Artist Developer/ Mentor/ Teacher/ Encourager/ Guitarist/ Drummer/ Keyboardist/ Pianist/ Marketing/ Public Relations/ Collaborator/ Co-writer/ Publicist/ Author/ Sound Technician/ Biographer/ Analyst and spiritual advisor. These are the many hats that Jim Vilandre has had to wear over his life and music career. Knowing since the age of 3 that music would be his life dream, passion and pursuit has allowed Jim to become a multifaceted, and multi-dimensional creator of music as well as an ongoing student of the music industry and most importantly a fan.  "I have taken it upon myself to continue to be a student of not only music but the industry as a whole". It is in this way that I am hoping to share the wealth of knowledge that I have learned over my lifetime. I myself have spent literally thousands of dollars, countless hours, and plenty of sweat equity paying dues within the industry that we call the Music Industry Business. In my pursuit I believe that God has given me the gift of building true and lasting relationships that have helped to launch and continue to be connections that I believe will further my study as well as my personal music career. I have attended numerous music industry courses in college as well as real hands on life experience, and music seminars from top industry professionals from all over the country.  I have learned priceless lessons through real life trials, experience, and ten and thousands of road miles under my belt. I believe that my seminar will greatly encourage, as well as bring some concrete things that will help to launch your personal music career. Weather you are interested in being a singer/ songwriter/ producer/ manager/ booking agent/ personal manager/ or just simply a fan of the music business, you will see hands on personal examples of how to better your life through this seminar. The stage has been a true home to me. It seems that with every other career that there are some basic road maps to follow to create success.  I believe that this seminar will provide a concrete powerful tool to help dispel some of the myths of the music industry and help you to move forward in your pursuit of excellence in the arts. This is more than just a seminar about music-it is about paving the way through life. I believe that these concepts will help you to become well rounded as a human being and help to develop some real life skills that can transcend different genres of talent, management, and business. I have met some of the biggest producers/managers/ and stars within the music industry-included in this lineup are Lou Perlman-founder of acts-N'Sync/ Backstreet Boys/ Britney Spears-Dickey Lee-60s star with hits including "I saw Linda yesterday" and "Teen Angel", Paul Allan (Original lead singer for The Platters" Musicians for LeAnn Rhymes, Sawyer Brown, Avalon, Mark Schultz, Petra, Carman, Randy Stonehill, Arron Carter, Chely Wright and countless other stars and industry folks.

The Ideal World by Jim Vilandre-Jim Vilandre Music Publishing Official Music Video 2016
Jim Vilandre winning the grand prize at the USA World Showcase
Jim Vilandre Knee Deep