Juke Box Band

Based in Skokie IL

The always crowd-pleasing Juke Box Band can play virtually any pop tune and shift easily frommodern pop to classic rock to blues to country to 50's-60's to jazz, etc. This charismatic band involves its audiences in sing-alongs and group dances and by taking requests. Every show is different because the crowd picks the songs!! Playing exactly what the people want to hear shows that the Juke Box Band knows how to please an audience!!

The Juke Box Band is able to change size based on the needs of the event. Three pieces is all you need to rock the house and create good, strong, rock 'n roll energy. For larger events, the band will expand to six pieces for a more sophisticated and complex sound while keeping the raw energy of the three piece.

The hard-working Juke Boys has been together since 1982 and has an astounding average of over 200 performances a year! This band always leaves their crowds drained and entertained!!