Karolina Rose Band

Based in Archdale NC

We are an entertaining Band that consist of 3 amazing musicians and a female vocalist, that is not your ordinary female vocalist.  Most would say females just stand up on stage and sing just like any other and look pretty.  Well, while our vocalist has the look, she also has the total package. Most say, "she is an ultimate entertainer with pipes that can sing just about any genre out there."   We pride ourselves on making each event fun, entertaining and appealing to every audience by adding in todays Country hits, yesterdays music, and adding a twist of all genre's to reach out to each individual preference.   We all have been in the music industry both professionally and for fun. We have travelled all along most of the north and southeastern states, and have tons of experience working with rising recording artists, as well as just a network of music friends.    We hope to bring life to your next venue!  

Karolina Rose Band.  

Should of been us
Big Girls Don't Cry
Keep your hands to yourself
Mustang Sally
Faith - Bartender
Purple Rain