Keepin’ The Summer Alive - Beach/Surf Tribute

Based in Los Angeles CA

Former musical director, bassist, and lead vocalist for The Beach Boys presents the Beach and Surf Theme tribute act, "Keepin The Summer Alive."  All the classic summertime hits are included in their show, like Beach Boy favorites "Surfin' USA," "California Girls," "Little Deuce Coupe," "Barbara Ann." You'll also hear surf instrumental hits like "Wipeout," "Pipeline," and "Miserlu," as well as Jan & Dean's surf hits "Surf City," and "Ride the Wild Surf."

"Keepin' The Summer Alive" Corporate Video

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
KSA Pricing
Price: $6,750.00
Number of Performers: 5
Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes
Extra Hourly Rate: $1,350.00

Would You like to attend a performance with Keepin’ The Summer Alive - Beach/Surf Tribute? Check with your coordinator for details to find out which ones you'll be able to go to in person!

Event Location Start Time End Time Details
Corporate Event Anaheim, CA 10-10-2023 7:00 PM 10-10-2023 9:00 PM
Public Concert Aliso Viejo, CA 10-13-2023 8:00 PM 10-13-2023 10:00 PM SOKA Performing Arts Center Concert with Special Guest Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean
Charity Fundraiser Aliso Viejo, CA 10-14-2023 8:30 PM 10-14-2023 9:00 PM SOKA Annual Fundraiser Event With Special Guest Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean
Corporate Event Inquiry Los Angeles, CA 10-15-2023 7:00 PM 10-15-2023 9:00 PM
Corporate Event Inq Coronado, CA 10-19-2023 7:00 PM 10-19-2023 9:00 PM
Public Concert Pomona, CA 10-22-2023 1:00 PM 10-22-2023 3:00 PM Details TBA
Corporate Event Inquiry San Diego, CA 10-23-2023 7:00 PM 10-23-2023 9:00 PM
Corporate Event San Diego, CA 11-11-2023 7:00 PM 11-11-2023 9:00 PM
Corporate Event Hemet, CA 12-09-2023 7:00 PM 12-09-2023 9:00 PM
Corporate Event Inquiry Bakersfield, CA 12-16-2023 7:00 PM 12-16-2023 9:00 PM