LED Robots CO2

Based in Brooklyn NY

We are representing an Exclusive, totally unique Laser & Light Shows in New York City.

-Led Co2 Robots show involves two performers in lighting suits and includes a full-package consisting of two parts: the interactive part 30 minutes (greetings, get together activities, dancing and taking pictures) and 10 minute performance with the use of custom LED whips, hand lasers, CO2 handguns for superior visual effects.
In December 2017 we presented this show at the America’s Got Talent.


 No one can resist the charms of this humongous 8,5ft robot! Sporting LED lighting and lasers, this high-tech party entertainer is sure to be a hit with young and old alike. 
 Towering above crowds in his giant suit, the NY based LED act is never short of a dance move and loves showing off to guests. Happy to pose for selfies and mingle with people throughout the event, mega LED robot will break the ice and ensure that everybody is having fun. 

 Show involves one Robot in lighting suit and includes interactive part 40 min.
(!) Upon request we can offer you CO2 handguns, confetti gun & foam glow sticks.

-Laser Show included two different LASER performances and we use different images upon request of the customer. Each show lasts approximately 6 minutes and includes video, audio and lighting effects of the show.

-Mirror Show involves two performers in 100% mirror suits and includes the interactive part 30 minutes (greetings, get together activities, dancing and taking pictures) and 10 min performance with the use of custom led moving heads for producing exclusive Mirror-Light effects.

If you have any additional questions, requests or concerns don’t hesitate to contact your Talent Coordinator.
Looking forward to seeing you at our Laser & Light Shows.

Best regards, Alex & Alena


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