Little Queen Tribute to Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson)

Based in Katy TX

Little Queen Heart Tribute Band is a 6-piece female fronted band. We play the most requested songs written and performed by the iconic artists Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. We do pay tribute to the originals, but often add our own fresh edge. Our musical ensemble includes multiple keyboards, flute, bass guitar, rhythm and lead guitars, and percussion.

We began our journey years ago, covering Heart as well as other popular classic rock artists. We found an overwhelming Heart fan base - so Little Queen formed in 2016 specifically to pay tribute to the Wilson sisters. We offer a similar stage presence; expect black mystic-themed settings, rock and roll energy and great lead guitar solos! When you hear Little Queen, you can close your eyes, listen to the fabulous familiar harmonies and imagine yourself front row at a Heart concert!

Little Queen Heart Tribute Album 2021