Mariachi Buhos de Oro

Based in Marietta GA

We provide an authentic mariachi music experience to brighten any event!

Mariachi Búhos de Oro serves the Greater Atlanta area and all of the southeast. Since 2015, they have performed classic arrangements from Vargas and Jiménez, to more modern songs and adaptations as they continue to share their music throughout Georgia and Alabama, including venues such as the Georgia Aquarium, the National History Museum, the Rialto Center for the Arts, Chateu Elan, and more. With up to 10 members, we can fill the needs of the quietest ceremonies & services, as well as the flashiest quinceñeras and parties! 


Comprised by classically trained musicians of various ethnic backgrounds, our Mariachi is truly a melting-pot of musical styles, especially since almost all of our musicians actively participate in various groups ranging from rock bands, jazz ensembles, orchestras, salsa bands, and small ensembles. As a result, we approach the "Mariachi classics" with the intent of elevating their musical reputation alongside the rest of these standards where they belong…while slowly and steadily dispelling the less tasteful imagery which can unfortunately be attached to the Mariachi at times.

We hope you give us the opportunity to share with you the beautiful poems and matching melodies of Jose Alfredo Jimenez; to make you dance with a festive "Son, Joropo, or Huapango"; and to let you experience the elegance and culture of an authentic Mariachi experience.

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