Mark n' Sammy Show

Based in Long beach CA

The Mark n' Sammy Show has taken all of the songs that we would sing growing up, and put them all together into one karaoke-style funfest. With songs like 'Brandy', 'Kodachrome', and 'Dancing in the Moonlight', you'll be surprised at how many songs you know the words to as well. This show is up to four full sets of favorite tunes to sing - and dance too!

Selected tunes:

60's: Penny Lane, Good Morning Starshine, Touch Me, Happy Together

70's: Hooked on a Feeling, Come and Get Your Love, Stuck in the Middle

80's: Take on Me, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Don't You Forget About Me

90's: Santeria, Possum Kingdom, Wonderwall

00's: Last Night, Holiday, Kryptonite




Mark n Sammy Promo