Matt Greif Ensemble

Based in Redondo Beach California

The Matt Greif Ensemble is a dynamic musical collective that masterfully traverses a wide spectrum of genres, spanning from roots rock to jazz. Their unique expertise lies in crafting jazz-infused interpretations of classic roots rock songs, giving iconic tunes a fresh and captivating twist. Imagine beloved tracks like "Sultans of Swing," hits by The Eagles, James Taylor's timeless melodies, and Eric Clapton's signature sound, all skillfully reimagined with a jazz flair.

One of the ensemble's distinct strengths is their ability to seamlessly blend these genres, breathing new life into familiar melodies. Led by Matt Greif's exceptional guitar skills, the ensemble offers a versatile range of options for performances. Whether you're seeking a solo guitar performance, a dynamic guitar-vocal duo, a captivating trio, or a full-bodied quartet, the Matt Greif Ensemble can cater to your event's specific needs and ambiance.

With roots rock forming the foundation and jazz serving as the innovative touch, the Matt Greif Ensemble crafts an engaging and enjoyable musical experience for audiences. Their ability to blend these elements showcases their versatility and musical prowess, ensuring that each performance is a captivating journey through familiar melodies presented in an entirely fresh and invigorating manner.