Michael John

Based in Vancouver WA

For over three decades, Michael John has brought enjoyment to hundreds of thousands of audience participants all over the world.  Whether as an opening act, featured entertainer at national venues and resorts or motivational facilitator and entertainer for corporate, professional and civic events, Michael's ability to captivate and  motivate has consistently endeared him to his audiences.  
Michael's talents go far beyond the ordinary concert or presentation. Michael takes it upon himself to research his audience or group prior to the event so that he can personalize the show for the guests. His ability to incorporate the audience into his show is uncanny. He is engaging, enchanting, comedic and genuine throughout every show. The audience identifies with his quick wit and tenderness making the event magical for all. Whether it is a corporate convention, private party, community event, major concert, fair or festival, Michael John will bring energy and excitement to the event, truly making the “party” something to treasure in memory.

Michael's powerful vocals and dynamic and spontaneous presentation communicates across a multitude of entertainment genres. Besides the thousands of corporate and convention events, Michael has been opening act in major concerts for such notables as Jay Leno, Ray Charles, Louise Mandrel, BJ Thomas, Billy Crystal, Milton Berle, David Brenner, and Neil Young.

For corporate events Michael is a master at collaborating with corporate executives to develop team building, sales incentives and/or dealing with change scenarios. He captures the participants with humor and sincerity, “leveling the playing field” to create a safe and productive environment for learning and growing.

Although Michael is a “one man show” his presence will fill the stage to capacity. As he shares his stage with the audience, he gives all comers the chance for their personal 15 minutes of fame.