Miss Mamie and Her Band

Based in Seattle WA

We're a New Orleans style swing/jazz/blues/cabaret/speakeasy band with horns and a lot of sass!  Our background in the theatre means great costumes and fun interactions with the crowd.  Our goal is to get everyone dancing and keep them laughing.  We're perfect for any speakeasy or steampunk themed events, or more formal swing dances or weddings.

“Miss Mamie and the boys have been steaming up small bar shows with their New Orleans bordello vibe for a couple of years now...Miss Mamie Lavona and her band sound like the corrupters who'll take the innocents out after the show and give them hangovers and a case of the clap.” - The Stranger

“Though it's tempting to lump Miss Mamie Lavona and Her White Boy Band in with jazz revivalists, Lavona and her crew borrow from far too many other genres to be solely classified as a jazz band. Instead, think of them as the musical equivalent of your favorite burlesque dancer shimmying her hips.” - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Miss Mamie Lavona has the pipes & musical style of Amy Winehouse (plus a healthy dose of the Squirrel Nut Zippers), but is far easier to look at.” - zoji.com

Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta and her White Boy Band