Mister Hypnosis Comedy Hypnosis Show

Based in Dana point Ca

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 Let MISTER HYPNOSIS bring your guests the most exciting event imaginable.  Just imagine for a moment, the kind of FUN and EXCITEMENT you want for your event.  PEOPLE LAUGHING... FRIENDS ENJOYING EACH OTHERS ANTICS... A totally MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE for the rest of their lives, and as THEY think about the fun they have at YOUR event, they link the GREAT TIME they have with Mister Hypnosis with YOU. 

YOU become the superstar for having such a GREAT PARTY.  NOW, you can feel really good deep down inside as you know that Mister Hypnosis is the one you want to have at your party NOW.  You are probably already aware of the fact that people who search on GigRoster want the very BEST entertainment when you hire Mister Hypnosis.  People who have already decided to hire me now, agree that this is a fantastic deal.  One of the things your really going to love about hiring me is that its a one stop call now.  I will take care of all of the details and all you will do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Mister Hypnosis, a.k.a Richard Rumble, is ready to bring you the most exciting event entertainment imaginable.  Your guests will enjoy watching members of their OWN GROUP dance like Madonna, Sing Like ELVIS and cluck like a chicken.  Its like watching 20 comediens on stage at the same time.  No Group too Large or too small.  Let Mister Hypnosis take your imagination for a walk on the CRAZY SIDE.

The ONLY Hypnotist on this site that is a Certified Hypnosis Trainer with the Society of Applied Hypnosis, Mister Hypnosis will keep your guests howling with laughter at the same time as creating the Best Safe hypnosis enviroment possible.  The most versatile and exciting Hypnotist / Entertainer / Lecturer - Speaker / MC to come along in decades.  Don't miss your opportunity to experience   M I S T E R    H Y P N O S I S.