Naptown Brass Band

Based in Annapolis MD

The Naptown Brass Band is a New Orleans style street band that is taking Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington by storm with their infectious energy, improvisational prowess, and engaging stage presence that creates a second line vibe that brings people together in celebration. They blast out high energy grooves for dancing in the street or wherever you are; earning them the reputation as one of the hottest and hardest hitting brass bands in Maryland. They are dedicated to exposing more of the world to the great tradition of New Orleans brass bands and second line beats.

What the Audience can expect:

The Naptown Brass Band, voted "Best Local Band "in What’s Up Annapolis Magazine - Best of 2023, offers a unique and captivating musical experience. Here's what audiences can expect from a Naptown Brass Band performance:

Authentic New Orleans Sound: The Naptown Brass Band stays true to the New Orleans brass band tradition while infusing their music with a contemporary flair. Expect a powerful and soulful sound that pays homage to the city's rich musical heritage.

Energetic Performances: The band is known for its high-energy performances that ignite the stage and captivate the audience. They bring an infectious enthusiasm and vitality to their music, creating an electrifying atmosphere that gets people on their feet.

Funk and Jazz Fusion: The Naptown Brass Band incorporates elements of funk, jazz, and soul into their music, blending traditional brass band sounds with modern influences. This fusion results in a dynamic and groove-oriented sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

Naptown Brass Band,
Naptown Brass Band,
Naptown Brass Band,