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Swing music is making a well-deserved comeback. Night & Day, however, has specialized in swing and big band sounds for the last 10 years. Because of this, you'll rest easy knowing that you're hiring the swing MORE..

Night & Day does more than swing. With our larger ensembles we'll perform the variety you need, including oldies, classic rock, Latin, ballroom, jazz and ethnic music. We can also provide ceremony music and solo cocktail piano. If desired, we'll help you with musical choices and act as master of ceremonies for your event.


Since 1992, Night & Day has performed regularly throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and D. C. Please take a minute to listen to band leader Michael Suser as he describes the wide variety of musical services that his band can provide.


The 1900’s—the century of two World Wars, ideological revolutions, societal changes, and musical evolutions. For the United States, the musical evolutions that took place during the 20th century reflect the evolution of American culture as we know it today.


As a harmonious blend of African American and European American music styles, jazz music is considered “one of America’s original art forms.” Through its use of improvisation and incorporation of regional and cultural styles, jazz music developed into a unique genre that ranges from calm, smooth “blues” to energetic, ragged rhythms. The rhythms of jazz create an atmosphere of elegance and style—perfect for corporate functions, wedding ceremonies and receptions, and special events.


Evolving from the jazz music in the 1930’s, swing music instantly became an American favorite. Swing’s upbeat dance rhythms make it perfect for corporate functions and wedding receptions—where your guests are guaranteed to get on their feet and swing the night away.

American artists—Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, and Tommy Dorsey—help characterize the Big Band era. Big Band—a type of musical ensemble which contains 10-25 instrumental pieces—received its distinctive characterization by its little use of improvisation and increased use of sheet music. Our Big Band music energizes and enlivens the crowd—ensuring that your celebration will be one to remember.

As knowledgeable and experienced musicians, Night & Day can fulfill your music needs—from calming background music to lively entertainment. Contact your Talent Coordinator  with any questions, or contact your Talent Coordinator for special events estimates. We look forward to hearing from you!


The 1920’s—a decade of energetic and feisty spirit—lives on in the rhythms and dances of jazz and swing. With lively songs and authentic costumes, Night & Day will keep the music roaring for your Great Gatsby or Roaring 20’s theme party.

The Roaring Twenties was a period of extravagance and cultural change in American culture as well as in prominent cities in the Western culture: Montreal, Paris, Berlin, and London. The money flowed into the pockets of mobsters as easily as the liquor flowed into the glasses of speakeasy attendees. The “American Dream” of fortune and indulgence became a reality for many. For those who had experienced first-hand the shock, terror, and devastation of World War I, the light-heartedness, the fun, the freedom from societal expectations, and the liquor of the Roaring Twenties era provided a balm for their physical and emotional wounds.

As with any time period in history, music soon became an expression of a new culture. The rhythms, dances, and lyrics of jazz and swing filled the speakeasies, clubs, and homes of many Americans. George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” is symbolic of the bluesy, jazz infused music that emerged from the period, along with the tunes of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and the other great composers of the era.

Today, the spirit of the Roaring Twenties lives on in jazz and swing music. So if you are having a Roaring Twenties theme party, or a Great Gatsby celebration, Night & Day is your obvious choice for the music and the look. We will dress in the authentic period costumes, and play the energetic, sassy music that will keep your party roaring all night. And, as usual, the price will be right, and we will work out a package that fits your budget.


Fasten your dancing shoes! Escort your partner to the dance floor! Experience the elegance and passion of ballroom dancing, one of the Night & Day band’s areas of expertise.

Ballroom dancing is often a misunderstood art form. While many people associate ballroom dancing with historic images of the privileged upper classes, ballroom dancing actually encompasses a variety of dancers and dance styles, including Latin, Waltz, Fox Trot, and Swing.

The Night & Day band has performed regularly for ballroom dancers for the last 13 years. In 2002, we partnered with Maggiano’s restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland to form a dinner-dance venue called “The Swingin’ Savoy Club”. From its inception, the Savoy Club, which thrived from 2002 to 2005, tailored to swing dancers, but we began to notice that ballroom dancers were growing in attendance. So we consulted with the dancers about their musical tastes, and it became clear that in addition to swing, the dancers appreciated and expected a variety of dance styles, including Latin, Waltz, Fox Trot, etc.

Little by little, we developed a ballroom dance book with specific songs for each dance category. While doing so, we paid special attention to ensuring that the proper tempo range of each dance style was adhered to so that our dancers would have an authentic dancing experience. 

Since the Savoy Club, we have played at many ballroom dance events and have come to appreciate the strong relationship between the band and the dancers. Night & Day band members enjoy playing at these events, and we love observing how the music energizes the dancers and how the dancers move gracefully and elegantly to the music.


Inspired by the Great American Songbook, Mike Suser continues his passion for the piano as a solo pianist specializing in corporate and special events. His core repertoire revolves around classic music styles with a touch of Latin beats, making your next event a magical night to remember.


Why is Night & Day the best choice for your smaller, intimate wedding? Because jazz and swing music provide the perfect touch for a classy event, and we’ve been performing this wonderful music at smaller weddings for over two decades.

We offer combos from a duo to a quintet, depending on your needs. Our smaller groups create elegant musical ambiance, and the quartet and quintet give you the added option of vocals and dancing. Night & Day’s music will always be energetic and tasteful, but never too loud. Just call us the small wedding experts!

For over 25 years we have been playing the best jazz, swing and big band music in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas. We have the experience to give your smaller wedding that special touch of class to make it an unforgettable event.

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Smart event planners understand that elegant background music is often the secret ingredient for a successful function. Since 1992, Night & Day instrumental combos have performed tasteful jazz, swing and Latin standards at hundreds of events in the DC area.

Our years of experience with this type of event make everything easier for you and your client. Here are some reasons:

We prepare the contract and bring all necessary equipment.

Since we’ve played in most of the region’s hotels and clubs, we understand the logistics of getting in and out of events.

We arrive early to insure proper setup.

We bring a portable PA and microphone for your client upon request, at no extra charge.

We are insured for liability up to $2,000,000.

Most importantly, we are accomplished musicians who understand the concept of providing ambiance to enrich an event. We perform our music with energy and skill, but always at a level that allows for conversation.

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We love to play for dancers!

Our original music specialty was (and still is) swing and big band music. As such, we have played regularly for swing dances at various DC area venues. Over the last decade, however, we’ve expanded our repertoire to include a wide variety of ballroom dance numbers. This gives the band the added flexibility to perform for dancers who desire both swing and ballroom music.

So if you’re having a dance and you want to hear a little bit of everything—swing, waltz, rumba, cha cha, etc—Night & Day is the obvious choice.


Night & Day does more than swing and jazz. With our larger ensembles, we perform most styles of dance music, including oldies, classic rock, Latin, disco and ballroom. With our smaller combo configurations, we perform mainstream jazz and swing standards that make ideal background and listening also provide ceremony music and solo cocktail piano. If desired, we’re happy to help you with your musical choices, and to act as Master of Ceremonies for your event.

Live music, whether for background or dancing, dramatically enhances the enjoyment of any event. So if you’re having a function in the Washington DC area, including Maryland and Virginia, and you’re looking for experienced professionals at a very reasonable price, call us today!

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