Possibly Irish

Based in Turner OR

Discover the invigorating sounds of Possibly Irish, a dynamic West Coast Irish band renowned for their high-energy Celtic performances. From foot-stomping traditional Irish pub songs that resonate with authenticity to heartfelt ballads that touch the soul, Possibly Irish delivers a musical experience that transcends expectations. With a mastery of their craft, the band blends the rich traditions of Celtic music with beautiful harmonies, creating a fusion of energy and emotion that captivates audiences. Explore the vibrant world of Possibly Irish through their EPK, and immerse yourself in the spirited melodies that define their distinctive musical journey.


Possibly Irish has established a solid presence in the music scene, securing a regular spot at Enchanted Forest throughout the summer season and gracing the stages of numerous festivals, concerts, pubs, and private events. Notably, the band took the spotlight as the headliner for the Central Oregon Highland Games and Celtic Festival, leaving a lasting impression at the Tolowa Events Center in California for the DNACCA concert series. Remarkably, Possibly Irish stood out as one of the fortunate bands that persisted in recording and performing amid the challenges of the Covid era.

Adaptable to venues of all sizes, the band showcases its versatility by performing with the full ensemble of six members at larger events and seamlessly transitioning to a four-musician lineup for more intimate pub-sized gatherings. The richness of their performances is enhanced by a diverse array of instruments, including but not limited to the Irish whistle, Irish flute, fiddle, Bodhran drum, mandolin, accordion, hammered dulcimer, guitar, banjo, and more. With a six-member lineup, Possibly Irish crafts a musical tapestry that captivates audiences, ensuring an unforgettable experience tailored to the unique atmosphere of each event.

In the serendipitous summer of 2015, the genesis of Possibly Irish unfolded with a delightful twist of fate. Susan Vaslev, Enchanted Forest's esteemed director of theatre, stumbled upon the magic of Irish melodies when she joined a warming-up session led by Makaio. Intrigued, she requested a rendition of their Irish songs, having just returned from the enchanting landscapes of Ireland herself. Impressed by their harmonies, Susan promptly suggested the formation of a band to grace the park's stages.

Swiftly responding to this inspired idea, the band took shape within days, featuring the talents of Makaio, Cabeau, Emma, and Susan—all integral members of the Enchanted Forest theatre department. As rehearsals unfolded, Makaio voiced a desire for a fiddle player to complete the ensemble. In a stroke of perfect timing, Emma revealed that her little sister possessed the skills on the fiddle, culminating in the perfect complement to the group. This fortuitous alignment of musical talents marked the inception of Possibly Irish, a band born from the shared passion and chance encounters within the enchanting realm of Enchanted Forest.

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Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
6 piece Band Concert
Price: $2,430.00
Number of Performers: 6
Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes
Extra Hourly Rate: $1,620.00