Premium DJ Terry Z

Based in Puyallup WA


Professional Entertainment Consultants Featuring DJ Terry Z has been providing a first rate premium DJ service since 2003. With years of experience in private parties, wedding receptions, corporate events and much more, we bring the entertainment you'll enjoy the most.


Personalized Service: It's our commitment to provide the most personalized service possible with a show catered to your specific needs. Our extensive collection of music covers over 20,000 selections of all styles. We'll assist you with everything from planning the special songs and dedications to the presentation of the music. We provide you with a comprehensive song selection list to get you started but please add any songs that don't appear! We have a computer at the event that is connected to high speed internet so you will be able to request any song currently online. With your assistance in advance we are able to do an exceptional job every time. With our exclusive PEC™ Event Planning Forms, Customized to your event, you'll be able to give us great information on just how you'd like your event to go!


High Quality Sound: We are dedicated to providing clean true sound reproduction with commercial, studio quality CD sound systems. Our Premium Package is ideal for everything from a small audience up to 400 people or more. For larger groups, you'll want our extended sound package.


Customize To Fit Your Needs: Our Premium Package is perfect for most events, but you may wish to add custom features to fit your special needs and taste. We offer everything from custom lighting packages to extended sound to hosted Laser Disc Karaoke.


Professional Black Tie DJs : Our DJ entertainers are the heart of our success. By hiring select entertainers with sparkling personalities, it ensures a great time at your event. Your DJ is there to make your event happen the way you'd like it!

80's Dance Party Mix: I have an extensive collection of 80's dance club 12' singles on vinyl with over 500 songs from mid to late 80's. The stage is set with 2 turn tables and a microphone including 2 different speaker set ups depending on the size of the room. The larger speaker set up accommodates a gynasium size room. Great for corporate parties and class reunions. 


Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
The Premium Package
Price: $895.00
Number of Performers: 1
Duration: 4 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $200.00

The Premium Package, for up to 4 Hours. All inclusive with basic floor lighting and your choice of music. Perfect for Weddings and Parties up to 300 Guests.