Sailesh - Worlds Funniest Hypnotist

Based in Newark CA

It's Time to Sleep with the Best

Welcome to a New Era of Hypnosis. SAILESH

Voted by MTV Europe as the best hypnotist in theworld. POP TV calls his show ridiculously brilliantand Inside E! claims Sailesh to be the hottesthypnotist on the planet. His shows have been comparedto a cross between a frat party and a huge concert.

Sailesh combines hypnosis, comedy, improv and music tocreate the wildest interactive show on the planet.However, the true stars are the volunteers whocontinuously amuse and amaze the audience for theentire duration of the show. The show is high energy,high laughter and all in great fun. You control thecontent of the show with ratings G, PG-13, R, anduncensored. Watch your friends become the world famousRiverdancers to believing they are the opposite sexand on a dating service to making up one of thebiggest lies about their friend in the audience abouta weird habit or fetish and announcing it on a talkshow, etc.

There are always three rules on Sailesh's stage:

1.Everyone keeps their clothes on
2.You will never reveal any secrets
3.Everything else is free game

With the energy of the music and the content of theshow, Sailesh has become the busiest and besthypnotist in the world.