SheilaMark Band

Based in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

Our band thrives on a Hammond organ-driven arrangement, elegantly fronted by a female vocalist. Our musical journey seamlessly traverses the realms of Blues, Rock, Zydeco, and a medley of beloved tunes from both past and present.

Delighting in an extensive repertoire, we echo the melodies of various eras, from the 1930s to the 1950s, while infusing our performances with the vibrant essence of Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Zydeco. Anchoring our ensemble, Mark Hamza, a masterful accordion player, intertwines his skills with the B3 organ expertise of another Mark. Notably, his innovative use of a modified Hammond organ to play bass lines with his feet adds a distinctive depth to our sound. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant rhythms of New Orleans, Mark shines brilliantly on the Zydeco accordion, even boasting an original composition fondly named "Zydeco Cheesecake."

In the spotlight, Sheila Stratton-Hamza's captivating vocals pay homage to the legendary female Blues and Rock singers spanning from the 1960s to the present day. With a unique and commanding presence, she delivers a sound that resonates with authenticity and emotion.

Drums find their captivating rhythm through the skillful hands of Dean Rickard, whose empathy for our band's essence adds a harmonious layer to our music. Meanwhile, Teddy Young, an accomplished guitarist, brings an enchanting touch with his remarkable talents honed through years in the music industry.

The versatility of the SheilaMark Band shines as we seamlessly navigate various musical styles, ensuring we strike a chord with every audience member. Our lively blend of tunes invites everyone to join us on the dance floor, ensuring a delightful time for all.

Black Velvet performed at the American Cancer Society Telethon 2017 by the SheilaMark Band
More than you'll ever know (Al Cooper) by the SheilaMark Band
Move Over by Janis Joplin as performed by the SheilaMark Band 2017