SheilaMark Duo

Based in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania

The delightful sounds of the SheilaMark Duo bring a touch of musical enchantment to a range of settings, including senior facilities, cozy restaurants, and inviting coffeehouses. With a wealth of experience, our duo is committed to creating heartwarming musical experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

Meet Sheila and Mark: the harmony that defines our duo. Sheila, our talented vocalist, takes center stage, her voice filling the air with captivating melodies. Complementing her artistry, Mark lends his accordion expertise, weaving intricate harmonies that elevate our performances to new heights.

Our repertoire is a mesmerizing fusion that traverses musical eras, from spirited polkas and graceful waltzes to the sultry tangos of yesteryears. We capture the essence of decades gone by, embracing the timeless tunes spanning the 1920s through the 1970s. In addition to these nostalgic gems, we breathe life into cherished show tunes and melodies from the silver screen. Our musical selection is thoughtfully tailored to the seasons, enriching the atmosphere with songs that perfectly resonate with the time of year.

As musicians, we cherish the opportunity to bring a touch of musical magic to every setting we grace. With Sheila's evocative vocals and Mark's accordion prowess, our performances are designed to spark joy and create cherished memories. From the twinkling lights of senior facilities to the intimate ambiance of coffeehouses, we pour our passion into every note, aiming to leave an indelible musical imprint on the hearts of all who listen.


The audience at our Friends Fest was most appreciative of the SheilaMark Duo. One patron mentioned that it was unlike anything he'd heard before most likely because of Mark's amazing skills on the accordion where he pumped out improvisational blues and jazz tunes. Another commented on the beauty of Sheila's voice. The duo was a pleasure to work with. Roy Wilbur