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Based in Griffith IN

DJ Bill Armington is a Premium DJ Based out of Northwest Indiana. He's  been playing music at Weddings for over 25 years, it's not difficult to see he has a genuine and energetic love for making memorable  evenings each and everytime.

Known for his diverse and Encyclopedic knowledge of music, He is dependable, and constantly watching out for very danceable music ,  His particular skill is that, he finds all the right methods for getting your guests out on the dance floor and living it up!  whether it is for Weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate occasions, Mitzvahs, and clubs!

If your looking for a DJ who can bring the party, then GigRoster™ can help with booking Chicago and the quad states Premire DJ Bill Armington. He is your  Best and only  decision to get your event up and dancing all night long

Having  GigRoster™ help in securing Chicago and the quad states DJ Bill Armington  at your party can add tons of fun and excitement to any occasion. The following are a few justifications for why a  Professional Full time DJ can improve the party climate:

Music aptitude: DJ Bill Armington is Hugely talented at choosing the best music for every  crowd and event. With an amzing  collection of music, he knows how to blend them Perfectly to make it truly seamless . He is Alway's locked in and engaged.

Energy : DJ Bill Armington knows how to read the group and change the music as the need arises. He can detect when the energy should be lifted or when now is the right time to pump the brakes. By playing the ideal songs brilliantly, DJ Bill Armington can make it an  exciting atmosphere  that urges individuals to move, blend, and live it up.!!

Atmosphere: GigRoster™ As the Premier Wedding DJ  in the Chicagoland and quad state area he provides smooth changes between songs, making a  continuos danceable night. He utilizes methods like beatmatching, crossfading, and blending to guarantee that there are no uncomfortable silences or unexpected changes in the music. This keeps the energy high and the party streaming without interuptions.

Entertainer awesomeness: DJ Bill Armington is an intuitive and he is proven  to impress at your party or occasion. He can take requests from you or your guests If you approve, make any announcements, and even communicate professionally with anyone in the group, empowering support and making a feeling of association. He might integrate live remixing, , or different procedures that add a  hear-able scene at the party. For an additional step you might in fact get DJ Bill Armingtons partner to give an unheard of degree of quality as an expert Emcee performer!!

 Flexibility and Personality:  DJ Bill Armington brings a huge library of music across different genres and era's. His Personality is unmatched He  takes special care of various preferences and  can even get songs on the spot if you have a reliable Wi- Fi connection available, guaranteeing that there's something for everybody. Whether it's The newest  hits,tunes,  like hip-hop, EDM, rock, DJ Bill Armington can arrange a list that fits  any group, Spanish, Country, Serbian, Korean, or anything in between, keeping everybody dancing  and engaged all through the party. He has an amazing sense of timing and a great instinct knowing just the right music selections to play. He spends more time planning ahead of time, with your help, than he does at the actual event , he. Frequently has invested 15 hours in prep time for a 6 hour event.

Profeesional  gear and set up: DJ Bill Armington comes outfitted with a top of the line Professional sound system either JBL or Electro voice with backup euipment on site just in case, lightingis included and can be up graded as well with optional up lighting packages, and different types of media This guarantees great sound and an outwardly engaging your group and lifts the occasion's  mood. His top quality, gear and constant up grading make the music sound perfect and  ensures you of getting everybody  on the floor

GigRoster™ Premier DJ Bill Armington Brings unmatched  and impressive skills, attitude, and atmosphere to your party. He makes an energetic feel come over the event, keeps the energy level  up, and guarantees that the music matches the mood of the occasion. GigRoster™ Premier and award winning  DJ Bill Armington transforms each  and every occasion into an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. We have recieved The Couples choce award since 2009 and are the Knot best of award  winner for many years . we have over a 1000 5 Star reviews. Top 5 % in the nation !! Oh yeah we are expert Karaoke hosts as well l  



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