Sparks Fly - The Taylor Swift Experience

Based in Lombard IL

"Sparks Fly: The Taylor Swift Experience" – A Tribute Worthy of the Spotlight

Meet Samantha, the phenomenal talent behind "Sparks Fly: The Taylor Swift Experience." Hailing from Joliet, Illinois, Samantha's musical journey began at the tender age of five when she first sat down at the piano keys. However, her path to the big stage was paved not just by her own passion but also by the musical legacy of her parents, who continue to shine professionally in the vibrant Chicagoland music scene.

With music and instruments as an integral part of her upbringing, Samantha's journey led her to pick up the guitar and start strumming to the tunes of her early musical idol, Taylor Swift. In fact, one of Sammy Jo's very first public performances featured the iconic T. Swift smash hit, "Teardrops on My Guitar." It was in those early moments that she developed an unshakable admiration for Taylor's unparalleled songwriting prowess and storytelling abilities.

Over the years, Samantha honed her craft, performing many of her favorite Taylor Swift songs in coffee houses, enchanting audiences at weddings, and delivering unforgettable musical moments at special events. Her passion for Taylor Swift's music led her to new horizons, culminating in her role as the lead vocalist of the professional country band, Summer Son. There, she further refined her artistry and stage presence, readying herself for the tribute act that would truly pay homage to one of the greatest catalogs and talents in modern music.

Now, Sammy Jo stands poised to offer fans and audiences an authentic Taylor Swift experience that's bursting with admiration and talent. With "Sparks Fly: The Taylor Swift Experience," she channels the essence of Taylor's music, bringing to life the hits that have taken the world by storm.

If you're seeking to hire or book a Taylor Swift tribute act that does justice to the magic of Taylor's music, look no further than "Sparks Fly." Samantha's heartfelt dedication and undeniable talent make her the perfect choice for any event where Taylor Swift's songs are destined to shine. Experience the allure and charm of Taylor Swift's music anew with "Sparks Fly: The Taylor Swift Experience."

Sparks Fly The Taylor Swift Experience
Sparks Fly The Taylor Swift Experience

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
Sparks Fly The Taylor Swift Experience
Price: $5,000.00
Number of Performers: 6
Duration: 2 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $2,000.00

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Event Location Start Time End Time Details
Grundy County Corn Festival Morris, Illinois 09-30-2023 8:00 PM 09-30-2023 10:00 PM 74th annual Grundy County Corn Festival, the cornerstone event in Grundy County. A county wide celebration - The Corn Festival makes its home in the county seat of Morris with an emphasis on events downtown.