Sugar Lover Band

Based in Los Angeles CA


It's lovely to be here! We are Sugarlover . Before anything else please take just a moment to listen to the MP3 and watch the video.

About Sugarlover:
When Lenka Shockley sings,  everything stops, and the earth changes direction, starting a new orbit around her. Really.

Sugarlover is the brainchild of vocalist and Ford model Lenka Shockley, and veteran session keyboardist/producer Ed Roth.

Blurring the boundaries between R&B, dance Pop, jazz, and World music, with a taste of the 70's added in, Sugarlover's songs are full of unique, memorable melodies floating over deep, funky grooves.
Flipped classic covers are also part of Sugarlover's repertoire, done up with the bands vibey, in the pocket, signature sound.

Roth brings a wealth of experience to the table, having recorded or performed with a very diverse range of artists including Annie Lennox, the Brothers Johnson, Avett Brothers, and Coolio. As a solo artist, he has had three top 10 songs on the jazz charts in Europe, nine weeks in the top 100 jazz charts in the US, and his latest album was number 25 ITunes jazz in the US.

Lenka's voice never fails to turn heads. Her warm tone, spiritual delivery, and huge musical vocabulary, are part of why she is a rising star.

Sugarlover is new music full of depth and joy.

SugarLover Band