Suggestical: An Improvised Musical Comedy

Based in Philadelphia PA

SUGGESTICAL: An Improvised Musical Comedy

Are you looking for some UNIQUE entertainment for your bar, restaurant, event, venue or private party?

I am part of a musical improv comedy group that improvises an original 25-45 minute musical based off of an audience suggestion. Our group is called Suggestical. We have drawn out great crowds so far and people are loving our shows.

Our group is composed of two actor-improvisers, and a pianist. We have performed at the World Cafe, O'Neals Pub, Milkboy acoustic Cafe and the Philly Improv Theater's Shubin Theater run. Everything we perform- music, lyrics and dialogue--is improvised, made-up-on-the-spot material and the audience has a great time- you can see some clips of previous shows here:

Musical Improvisation groups have huge followings in other cities like LA, Chicago and NYC. This art form draws in audiences looking for comedy, musical theater, or just something different all together. Music Improv is only in it's infancy here in Philadelphia and I hope you will consider taking on Suggestical, one of the first and only Philadelphia-based musical improv groups.

Suggestical: An Improvised Musical Comedy