The Amazing Lance Campbell Show

Based in Seattle WA

The Amazing Mind Reading Show

This is an interactive thought reading show in which you and your colleagues are part of the fun.

If you are in the audience you never know when you might go from being a person that is having fun watching the action, to becoming the person that is participating. All seats are within my reach!

It could be having your thoughts read, characteristics of yourself revealed by me merely holding a personal object, or you involving your own intuition to success. It will be an experience that will have you at times laughing, other times amazed, but always one you will remember.

People enjoy this unique presentation of thought reading and heightened awareness of the senses as they not only witness, but also experience it.

How it looks

You are enjoying the mind reading presentation with the rest of your group when I unexpectedly point to you. You are requested to think of a country that you would like to visit. You think of (for example) Spain. You are asked to concentrate and suddenly I name the very country you're merely thinking about.

You don't have time to ponder how it is possible, as you are swept up with what is happening a few feet away.

A person is being asked to concentrate on the amount of change in their pocket. "Is it possible" you think "can he do it?"

Tailoring this presentation to your event

It doesn't matter whether it's a party or if there are specific business goals.

There are many ways that the mind reading presentation can be made specific to your needs.
•Do you have a particular time frame you need the entertainment to fit?
Quick 20 minutes as a break in a meeting or 30, 45, 60 minutes after dinner.
Consider it done as my presentations are time flexible.

•Would you like the guest of honor recognized?
I can create a theme using them and a subject that they enjoy. For example if the person likes golfing, I would create something around that sport.

•You have a product or message you wish to promote along with the fun.
I can integrate it into the presentation.

"You made me look like the ultimate party planner” Bonnie Pemble, K & L Distributors
"Everyone loved it.” Heather Smith, United Way Snohomish County

"You made the evenings a huge hit!" Debi Leibovitz, G & J USA Publishing

"I would definitely say it was a huge success." Laura Garcia, Microsoft

"I would recommend his program highly.” J. Chesley, Tacoma Dome

"Everyone was mesmerized by your abilities." Carol Rowan, Husky Terminal & Stevedoring

"I would like to take this opportunity express our gratitude to Lance Campbell for helping make our client breakfast a success." Erin Kelly, Bellevue Hilton

"Lance did a terrific job. Everyone enjoyed and were thoroughly entertained. He is very professional and was easy to work with." Suzanne Thompson, McLendon



The Amazing Lance Campbell Show

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
Home show
Price: $650.00
Number of Performers: 1
Duration: 0 hours 45 minutes
Extra Hourly Rate: $0.00

Yes, that's right. I have taken my stage presentation and created a version that fits right in your home. Imagine the fun as you and your friends participate in a mindreading experience. A great way to celebrate a birthday, enhance a housewarming, or anytime you would like to entertain a group of friends. Requirement: 6 feet of performing area, maximum of 35 people, minimum age 16.
My main large show
Price: $1,890.00
Number of Performers: 1
Duration: 0 hours 45 minutes
Extra Hourly Rate: $0.00

This presentation is already described on the home spot of my listing. But here are some facts . Good for an audience of 100-300 people, minimum 12' x 16 ' stage required. A minimum of 2 week lead time.