The Bar Pilots

Based in Portland OR

Stationed in Portland, Oregon, the Bar Pilots play at a different altitude than other bands. Fueled by rough-edged guitars and the muscular thrust of bass and drums, this crew's energy is undeniable. A sonic intensity drives their classic sense of melody, they love what they do and the room gets caught up in it too. In an airplane, everybody on board breathes the same oxygen. But the Bar Pilots are pure oxygen, constantly refreshed by the vocal tradeoffs between lead singers. A high-caliber arsenal of covers that spans Classic rock, Southern rock, UK and Americana.

The Bar Pilots take the approach of not trying to recreate the radio hits, but to brand them as their own. To play the songs how they would've done them. Vince Adáme, Pilots' bassist, explains it this way: “The more we sound like us, the less we don't sound like the original artists, meaning that the comparisons become unimportant. We hope you want to hear us again, not just for the tunes, but for the way we play them.” The Bar Pilots figure that if they're having fun, then the crowd will too. See what we mean at and hear us on the site's media page. Then seriously consider hiring this band to amp up your event, while you still can.