The DaStubeBuben

Based in Hawthorne CA

Da Stube Buben" are an authentic German Folks Music Party Duo.
We have nearly 4 decades of experience performing for audiences that range from a small backyard Fest Party (50 guests) to large venue Oktoberfest's. Our regular such venues are:
Phoenix Club (German American Club): Bierstube, Bockbierfest, MaiFest, Oktoberfest - 35 years
Big Bear MaiFest / Oktoberfest - 35 years
Pumpkin City Oktoberfest
Radiant Beer Co.
We pride ourselves in delivering the most current and legacy Fest music that creates a festive and fun environment for all ages. Our performance package includes authentic German Trachten and we provide our own PA plus DJ Lighting for evening or indoor events.

“Da Stube Buben” (German slang for "The Pub Dudes") are 2 crazy guys who love to perform music from their heritage and create a fun vibe at every event. Reinhold Reiter, born in Linz, Austria and Jürgen Schwarze, born in Ludwigsburg, Germany are both naturalized citizens, immigrants to the United States. 

“Da Stube Buben” have been performing together for 35 years. Our repertoire, (over 9 hours of tracks) is primarily authentic German Fest Musik but includes German pub and American favorites which makes them a perfect fit for events such as backyard parties, pubs, Biergartens and Oktoberfests.

The exciting aspect of "Da Stube Buben" is their diverse repertoire and how they captivate and connect with the audience.  It doesn't take long before toe tapping, humming or singing along to the melodies, seat dancing (in their chairs) etc. are well underway!  For many the music reminds them of their childhood or their parents/grandparents heritage or travels in Germany.

We encourage you to request and let us know your favorite songs!  If we don’t perform them yet…. We will the next time you see us!   Just ask!

We hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Jürgen Schwarze & Reinhold Reiter

Der Kommissar

Would You like to attend a performance with The DaStubeBuben ? Check with your coordinator for details to find out which ones you'll be able to go to in person!

Event Location Start Time End Time Details
Big Bear Oktoberfest 09-10-2022 12:00 AM 09-11-2022 12:00 AM Booked
Radiant Brewery Anaheim 09-16-2022 12:00 AM 09-16-2022 12:00 AM Booked
BEDA’S Oktoberfest San Luis Obispo 09-17-2022 12:00 AM 09-17-2022 12:00 AM Booked
Dohner Family Vineyard Tehachapi 09-18-2022 12:00 AM 09-18-2022 12:00 AM Booked
Dohner Family Vineyard Tehachapi 09-18-2022 12:00 AM 09-18-2022 12:00 AM Booked
Private corporate event Culver City 09-22-2022 12:00 AM 09-22-2022 12:00 AM Booked
Private Oktoberfest Rancho Sante Ge 09-24-2022 12:00 AM 09-24-2022 12:00 AM Booked
Unavailable in October/ completely booked 09-30-2022 12:00 PM 10-31-2022 11:59 PM