The International Polka Band

Based in Coconut creek Florida

The International Polka Band consists of a singer, horn, keyboard/accordion, bass and drums players but can be expanded to include one or more of our singers, dancers, and other instruments such as: guitar, cimbalom, violin, harp, vibraphone, flute, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, steel pans, and various percussion instruments. If a need arises it can be extended to a full orchestra including a choreographed dance ensemble. Or, the band can be reduced to a trio or duo if needed. The band’s unique name reflects the versatility of our musicians. Our repertoire includes a variety of Polka or similar music from around the world as well as Jazz, Latin and Caribbean music. Our versatility allows the band to easily respond to most requests and participate in special engagements. Depending on the occasion we can transition into an Irish Jig, World Ethnic, Euro Jazz, Mariachi, New Orleans Dixie, Tropical Steel Sound or Gypsy style of music. We are also manage a 14 member jazz big band performing instrumental and vocal jazz arrangements of music from around the world.