The Lori Andrews Group

Based in Santa Clarita CA

Solo Harp
Solo harp specializing in latin jazz and swing jazz as well as light Classical if appropriate. Click on the video bar to hear a live segment taped and aired on the MTV show Fantasy Factory (totally impromtu with the actors!)

Harp and Bass Duo
LOVE working with my hubby Bart Samolis on bass, my favorite duo! Click on the video bar to hear a sample of a recent TV show that featured us.

JazHarp Trio
Features jazz harp, sax/flute and acoustic bass. Very dynamic and energetic, pictured here at last years Laguna Arts Festival main stage. Click on the video bar to hear a sample of a live concert.

JazHarp Quartet
Features jazz harp, sax/flute, acoustic bass and drums. We have many high profile jazz festivals under our belt as well as award winning CDs. we are pictured here at the Sacramento Jazz Festival. Click on the video bar to hear a sample.
About Lori Andrews . . . . .

“If you think you've heard it all, check out Lori Andrews, who single-handedly, no . . . double-handedly, redefines the possibilities of the harp and turns it into a funky jazz instrument. Incredible! She's the rhythm, the bass, the melody, all intertwined in a way that you just have to see and hear to believe. Lori's music is creating a new future for an instrument rich in history and . . . she makes it swing!” - Bob James

“One of the experts in contemporary jazz, waiting to be discovered in a big way.”
- Lee Ritenour

“The harp is a unique fixture in the world of improvised or ‘jazz' music. My first exposure to the artistry of Lori Andrews revealed the distinct virtues of this instrument in the hands of someone who understands its dynamics. Lori demonstrated the capacity of someone who can set the pace for the harp in the very challenging world of ‘jazz' improvisation.” - Hubert Laws

“Damn, Girl. . . . . you must have flunked harp school !!!” - Marcus Miller

"I hear what you're doing. .and I really dig it!" -Frank Sinatra

“I can't believe a harp can be played like that. Very adventurous material! You play the harp with exceptional ryhthmic accuracy and your harmonic approach is very challenging and uncharacteristic for the harp - very, very cool!” - Harvey Mason (2003)

"Saw a rerun of the 'Instrumental Women of Jazz' performance at the Ford Amphitheatre and you were fantastic. I really enjoyed your playing and stage persona. Let's look for some opportunites to do something together.. Continues success..!! All the best."
- Harvey Mason (email. .2005)

“Lori Andrews is a true rarity . . . a jazz harpist! She consistently shows that her delicate instrument can be used to produced swinging, soulful, funky and stomping music, and she always puts on an entertaining and very musical show. She certainly changes one's image of a harpist - catch her whenever you can!”
- Scott Yanow Jazz Editor, The All Music Guide to Jazz

The Lori Andrews Group
The Lori Andrews Group