The Pikeys

Based in Sacramento CA

It was a rain and beer soaked fall evening in 2010. Ben Mentze and Mike Dalton we’re listening to Ronnie Drew and Black Flag through the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Some say it was a vision. Some say a dream. But in any case, The Pikeys were born of punk rock and Irish whiskey.

The Pikeys are a tip-top fusion band; a punk rock core with drums, bass, guitar and blended over ice with a Celtic ensemble; tin whistles, fiddle banjo and occasionally an acoustic guitar. Their range includes original tunes about war with the English, murder and drinking, traditional Irish songs about drinking, war with the English and murder, and unexpected covers about murder, drinking and war with the English, and even some A capella sing-a-longs about murder, war and drinking with the English.

When you go to a Pikeys show; you can expect a full sound with intricate parts, plenty of drinking and songs about plenty of drinking. True entertainers, the Pikeys throw themselves into each song with reckless abandon.