The Season of Us

Based in Vacaville California

The Season of Us(Troubadours of a New Millennium)

is a Heartfelt Musical Duo who play exclusively from a Conscious Loving Space.
Stephanie Greivellperforms on the Alto and C Foot Flute & composes;Bill Stanfieldplays all Guitars (6 and 12 – Acoustic & Electric) & composes.

The music incorporates a madrid of musical styles such as: Light Latin Spices, Bossa Nova Blends, & Jazz Colorings. Our Infectious Grooves can't help but stimulate your spirit and touch you at a Deep Soul Level. If you allow yourself to be taken, these gentle harmonies and flowing rhythms will open your heart to experience yourself and your life in a new and different way.They travel throughout California sharing their music on a “grass roots level” at Art Shows, Farmers Markets, City Events and Private Events.

It's always difficult to categorize and label an artist's music, especially one's own. When asked to describe their music, they call it:
“Conscious Loving Music”
originating straight from our Hearts is what we are about.While our productions tend to lend themselves to the traditions of Jazz (because of the improvisational phrasing, chordal structures, and complex rhythms), our songs feature sensibilities of New Age, Pop and World Music and our performances highlight the intimate playful spirit of the 60's era. Whatever you choose to call our music, and however you use to define it, we hope you hear the Sincerity, Identify with its emotion and Relate with its message. We are truly “honored” because we get to humbly share this music with you and it is our hope that you let yourself experience this music in a way that you are “lifted” into a high state of Harmony and Peace in your life”.

The Season Of Us Plays Bossa Nova Standards
Where's the Love OS SHORT
Before I go
Christmas Song