The Starlight Carolers

Based in Seattle Wa.

The Starlight Carolers We are a small company of Seattle Christmas carolers who will provide live performances of accapella caroling and the occasional off season song title (upon request) for your corporate event Or private Christmas party or other special life or life events that would be brightened by holiday music. We range from stay-at-home moms, to data analysts, attorneys, working musicians, composers, arrangers, instructors, and the occasional dental hygienist or nurse thrown in for good measure. The commonality we share is a heart-felt allegiance to truly beautiful vocal sound and a love of high quality music. Decades of collective experience culminate in performances that have been described with words like "Wow", "Beautiful", or "Moving".

"This group is the Gold Standard for Holiday Vocal groups in the region.   Any of the quartets can sing basic Christmas music, but no other group has talent and arrangements on the world class level as this group.  We Hire them every year"    D Wagner

We pride ourselves in being a company of consummate soloists who just happen to be singing together in a locked, musical blend. We are confident the freshness of accapella singing will help to underscore the importance and memorable nature of any celebration or gathering.

Costuming and Holiday Attire
We have a number of festive looks available to you for our performance. We can appear wearing 1960's formal attire - the men is brocade tuxes and the ladies in sequin gowns. We can also arrive dressed as romantic couples from the World War II era - men in shore leave or weekend furlough military uniform and the women dressed in 1940's evening wear. We can create a Victorian Christmas and make our entrance classically dressed in from the Victorian era, with fashions that were popular in about 1880 right here in the United States. We don formal Victorian military attire or top hats and tails for the gentlemen and ornate hats and hoop skirts for the ladies. All three looks provide high color and an absolutely romantic and larger- than- life panache when we enter the room and begin to sing.

Terms of Performance
We make it our job to apply ourselves and become a memorable enhancement when you book us to perform. We work out of an excellent performance book of about 75 songs of Christmas favorites - both familiar and tastefully updated. We perform at standard rates within 30-minutes of Seattle, but are available to commute for a fee. Discounts are available for performances of 3 hours or more.


The singers working within this company are degreed professionals and are auditioned to have voices and musicianship of the highest caliber.

We can provide the most tasteful classical repetoire upon request and double back and provide a memorable telegram performance of a Burt Bacharach or Gershwin tune with a presented flower to mark a loved one's promotion at work or a special anniversary. Early American folk and Spirituals are also a specialty.