The Swing Legacy

Based in Lincoln MA

The Swing Legacy is a Boston-based swing band, six pieces plus singer, presenting the repertoire, polish, and powerful beat of the great black big bands of the swing era (1). They are what was known in the 30's and 40's as a jump band - a small group playing arranged, riff-oriented, hard-driving four-beat swing music. They are essentially a little big band. Their exciting original arrangements produce a big band sound and make the group sound larger than six pieces. The band's consists of Boston's finest and most experienced big band swing jazz musicians who play trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax, piano, bass and drums. These exceptionally high quality performers ensure that the ensemble is musically extremely tight and professional sounding.

The Swing Legacy performs either as the basic six-piece instrumental unit or with an added female vocalist. As with the purely instrumental numbers, the numbers featuring the singer also employ Henry's original written arrangements, so all of their repertoire is unified in the same unique style. The vocalist provides an additional timbre in the band sound and gives an extra dramatic dimension to the overall presentation.

Their repertoire concentrates on classic big band swing music, including many Duke Ellington and Count Basie numbers. The Swing Legacy is acclaimed for its impeccable musicianship and powerful swinging beat. The band's swing music is both great dance music and interesting concert jazz, and it fulfills many different functions including wedding reception, swing dance, jazz concert, fundraisers and corporate events. Swing music is universally popular because it is high-energy, danceable, and accessible without sacrificing musical quality. Each member of The Swing Legacy has extensive experience in a wide variety of musical situations, and a large repertoire of standard songs. So in addition to their library of written arrangements, the band can improvise a version of practically any request (excluding contemporary pop and rock).

The band works hard, and plays with a lot of fire. While many jazz and swing bands seek to sooth their audience, The Swing Legacy prefers to arouse its listeners. This is definitely hot jazz, not cool!