The Time Tunnels

Based in La mirada CA

Through the past we travel darkly, deep into a journey led by The Time Tunnels. The magic of that time of our recent past that the sounds conjured by TTT brings to current consciousness. We twirl, through the lights of the dance floor, immersed in the sound, the fury and The Time Tunnels. It is a sound connection to the collective feeling like the back of the magic bus with the scent of sandalwood and patchouli, and the constant loop of 8 tracks as they struggled over the sound of the road at 85 miles per hour with a haunting "...ooooo, its just a shout away...."

The Time Tunnels are veteran rockers who have paid their dues and have the road rash to prove it. They share with them a collective experience of over a century of rock and roll! From Johnny Rivers to Johnny Ramone, from the Yardbirds to the Foo Fighters, from David Bowie to Iggy Pop, maybe even a Beau Brummels or Todd Rundgren. Whatever ends up in the setlist for your particular show, it will make you smile and get up and dance like its 1999.