Toga Party Band

Based in Hampton NJ

Who could forget a band with a name like THE TOGA PARTY BAND??!!! 

From "Togas To Tuxedos" we have played hundreds of festivals, parties, corporate events, weddings, colleges, clubs, casinos, etc. Packing dance floors with every genre from classics through top 40 hits and the best songs of the past several decades is what we do.

The band members are expert party makers!  Our references are testimony to the fun our guests have at a Toga Party show.  The party starts us for the party of your life.......toga party style! Togas of course are optional!      

For those who like a more traditionalband, we also do business and perform weddings as The Diamond Studs Band!  Our references all go something like this "The band is AMAZING!  The band EXCEEDED every expectation! The band made our wedding AMAZING!"  We have numerous testimonials to share.

The Diamond Studs Band features the same talented musicians from The Toga Party Band with the option of an additional female vocalist. In addition, we offer instrumental jazz or acoustic music for your ceremony and cocktail hour, assuring that all your entertainment needs are satisfied.

See you on the dance floor!

toga_party_band_-_2023_sampler.mp4 (540p)
From Togas to Tuxedos

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
Wedding Packages start at $1500
Price: $2,025.00
Number of Performers: 4
Duration: 4 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $450.00

Acoustic Ceremony music and acoustic cocktail hour is also available at an additional cost