Vic Moraga, soloist, & The Vic Moraga Duo

Based in Hawthorne CA

I toured with The Drifters, fronted The Box Tops, w/ James Davis of "LTD", w/ Petra Luna, Euro recording star, w/ Ildy Lee, French recording artist, w/ The Luther Vandross Tribute Band, and many other musicians of note. My song book covers over 3,000 "popular hits", most genre's, most styles, past to present, also Latin fused music, instrumentals, award winning original music, up tempo to easy listening, dance to lounge ambience. I perfrom at hotels, restaurants, wineries, casual and corporate events, Wedding and civic events, casinos, and concerts. I perform as a soloist, duo, with The Vic Moraga Band, (3 to 7 members), and I travel.


Vic Moraga solo Quizas, quizas, quizas
Vic Moraga solo Blackbird
Vic Moraga solo Witchita Lineman
Vic Moraga solo I'm On Fire
Vic Moraga solo Jack & Diane
Vic Moraga solo Everybody Wants to Rule the World (instrumental)
Vic Moraga solo Ventura Highway
The Vic Moraga Duo Vic Moraga solo
The Vic Moraga Band Demo