WhiteBeard the Pirate

Based in Ocala FL

Ahoy me hearties! With the legends and lore of piracy exuding everywhere, here’s the perfect way to add some excitement to your next event or special occasion.

In the tradition of the high seas, Captain Keith "Kidd" Carson, WhiteBeard the Pirate, is a fun-loving, rascally scallywag.  Hailed as one of the best Pirate performers, he has been seen at many Pirate Fests and Renaissance Faires from coast to coast. His garb is authentic, to augment the true character of the man within. He enjoys pillaging, plundering, and scaring the daylights out of the living. So you best be watchin’ yer step! But, he can also be family-friendly and above board when the need calls for it.

Captain Keith "Kidd" Carson, WhiteBeard the Pirate, doesn’t just dress up as a Pirate, but actually becomes the character, complete with Pirate vocabulary and Pirate garb. His piratical antics will both entertain and educate people of all ages.

A born entertainer, pitch man and emcee, Carson is available for all pirate-themed events and hosting gigs. His sense of humor, great timing and patter is sure to entertain and draw a crowd. He also has years of on-camera and on-mic experience. He would make a great addition at a corporate event or convention booth, private party or event, festival, or children’s party. How about a Pirate Wedding? The Captain is an ordained minister and the Sinister Minister can legally perform most any type of ceremony you wish, provide assistance with vows, and any other needs you may have. Captain Keith "Kidd" Carson brings his “Piratude” to any event!

Whether strolling among the crowd interacting, posing for photos with your guests, or serving as the wedding officiant at your upcoming nuptials, let Whitebeard the Pirate invade your next event, making it even more memorable, and tailoring his visit to meet your needs.

Check him out, if ye dare!