Bespoke Santa Allen

Based in Fontana California


    I’m a positive Santa that enjoys connecting with the young, and the young-at-heart! I strive to ensure anyone who meets Santa should not only have fun and feel great about Christmas, but themselves as well.  

My portrayal of Santa incorporates the traditional qualities of Santa that we have all come to love along with a positive message of Christmas spirit that focuses on kindness, generosity, fun and being proud of one’s qualities and achievements.  All this is delivered with a jolly natural “HO HO HO”, and a mischievous twinkle in my eye.  

I am an authentic year-round REAL BEARDED professional Christmas portrayal artist doing my very best to bring the joy of the holidays to all your events.  I have spent hundreds of hours going to Santa schools (yes, they are a real thing) and learning from some of the most accomplished Santas in the world.  I have spent thousands of dollars (don’t tell my wife) on Every Santa suit I own is custom made to my specifications in a Hollywood costume shop that has been making Santa’s suits since the 1940’s.  I will not show up to your event with an ill fitting suit from a party store or a vinyl belt with plastic boot covers.  Santa is a “bigger-than-life” fanciful character, and should dress the part.


    The Inland Empire and portions of Orange and Los Angeles Counties.  I can travel further by special arrangement.


    The Oxford English Dictionary defines bespoke as: “Made for a particular customer or user.”  In terms of your Santa event it means that I will provide you with a questionnaire that you will fill out and we will customize the Santa experience to fit your needs and the needs of your guests.  Too often, Santa performers get “set-in-their-ways” and are unwilling or unable to alter their routine to the needs of their clientele, or the changing circumstances of an event.  Even with the best intentions and planning, any event can become a bit chaotic, and having the ability to reassess and pivot toward (and occasionally away from) the new circumstance is what distinguishes a professional Santa performer, from “some guy in a suit”.


    Almost anything you can think of, at almost anytime of the year.  The only limit is your imagination, and hopefully the bounds of good taste (I’m never a “Bad Santa”).

Home visits: Family gatherings and parties, Christmas season birthday parties, holiday gender reveals, Christmas weddings (Santa formal attire!)

Business & Corporate Visits: Meet & greets, office visits, sales parties, corporate parties and events, breakfast with Santa, marketing campaigns, Real Estate and HOA gatherings, 

Photography: Studio, outdoor and marketing photography. 

Community: Civic events, tree lighting ceremonies, parades, first responder appreciation, hospitals (for both patients and staff), elder care facilities, schools, preschools & daycares. 

Media TV & Film: commercials, online content, brand ambassador & spokesperson.


I will make a BIG ENTRANCE (or a quieter one if you wish).  You will hear me approaching with my jingle bells ringing!  I can bring in gifts in from outside in one of my beautiful fur trimmed velvet Gift bags (might need a little help with big stuff).

Storytelling, or reading to children from my collection of Christmas books (I can also read one of yours if you like).  

Singing Christmas classics!  Full disclosure: I am not a professional singer, but I have great fun belting out my favorites anyway.

I can bring in gifts in from outside in one of my beautiful fur trimmed velvet Gift bags (might need a little help with big stuff)

With special arrangements, I can bring a new pet!

Visits and conversations with children.  Santa loves questions!

Photos and selfies (we call them “Elfies” up at the North Pole) with all your guests.  Professional photography (with your photographer).

Table visits with your guests while they are served.