Comedy Hypnotist Justin James

Based in Ocean Shores Wa

National touring artist Justin James is the perfect fit for your next event! Do you need an amazing yet clean comedy show, a first rate Master of Ceremonies, Pitchman, or an absolutely fantastic auctioneer? Then look no farther,  Justin James has been getting people to do some of the craziest things for the last 30 years and his job is to make you look amazing!

Justin does over 300 comedy shows each year and has literally hypnotized hundreds of thousands with his amazing show!
Non-stop from start to finish, this show is beautifully choreographed from the moment the show starts to wow and amaze your audience, a true entertainer Justin puts dozens of volunteers into his show and orchestrates a night of absolute hilarity! 

You can also bring in Justin James to Auctioneer, Emcee, or Host your next event and his silver tongue will get people laughing and buying

A professional speaker and trainer Justin is also available for speaking and training engagements for your custom programs as well as sales, stress, and weight management in the corporate workplace. 

Justin is the founder of Safe On Stage the safety program for stage hypnotists and we can ensure your guests a safe and spectacular show! 

Like bands magicians, comedians and other variety acts, there are the great, the ok and the downright terrible. With Justin James, you get over 30 years experience in comedy hypnotic entertainment, the leader in stage safety and a resume that includes MTV, FOXWOODS, John Deere, Columbia Sportswear, AUTODESK and thousands of other happy clients. 

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Comedy Hypnotist Justin James
Justin James Comedy Auctioneer