Based in Farmingdale New York

Nestled within the vibrant and pulsating landscape of the Northeast, Coverland stands as a testament to the epitome of exclusivity and excitement in the realm of party bands. Renowned as one of the premier cover bands in the region, Coverland boasts a lineup of musicians whose artistry is not only seasoned but also unrivaled in the cover band industry.

This dynamic ensemble has become synonymous with entertainment excellence, captivating audiences across diverse locales from the bustling streets of Boston to the serene shores of Montauk and the iconic Jersey Shore. What sets Coverland apart is its remarkable ability to seamlessly traverse through an extensive repertoire of artists and music genres. Their performances are a sonic journey that guarantees to keep the night in perpetual motion, imprinting an indelible mark on the memories of party-goers.

Comprising a collective of musicians who have honed their craft with unparalleled dedication, Coverland is adept at perfecting the sounds of various eras. The band's versatility is not just a testament to their musical prowess but also a commitment to ensuring that every event is a unique and unforgettable experience. Club owners have been left in awe as Coverland effortlessly navigates through the vast musical landscape, tailoring their performances to suit the diverse tastes of their audiences.

What truly sets Coverland apart is their ability to adapt in a New York minute to cater to the distinctive needs of weddings and corporate affairs. Whether it's a romantic celebration of love or a professional gathering demanding an energetic ambiance, Coverland's musical finesse ensures that every note resonates with the essence of the occasion.

In the realm of live entertainment, Coverland stands as an emblem of musical virtuosity and versatility, consistently exceeding expectations and elevating every event to a realm of unparalleled excitement and joy. Their reputation as one of the most exclusive and exciting party bands in the Northeast is not just a title but a testament to the unparalleled magic they weave into the fabric of every performance, making them an indispensable choice for those who seek an extraordinary musical experience.

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Coverland Wedding (4 piece)
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Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
4 Piece Band For Weddings and Parties
Price: $3,645.00
Number of Performers: 4
Duration: 4 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $910.00

If you are looking for a more intimate experience and/or space is limited, Coverland can perform as a 4-piece band. Our 4-piece line-up includes male singer/mc, guitar, bass, and drums. We provide can also provide music for your cocktail hour (acoustic duo) and reception. We can also provide music for your ceremony but depending on location, instrumentation, etc., - there could be an additional charge.
Full 6 Piece Band For Parties or Receptions
Price: $5,265.00
Number of Performers: 6
Duration: 4 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $1,320.00

Our 6-piece line-up includes male/female singers/mc, guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. We can provide music for the cocktail hour (as either a piano man, acoustic duo, or combination) and reception. We can also provide music for your ceremony but depending on location, instrumentation, etc., - there could be an additional charge.