Desoto Blues Band

Based in Saint paul Minnesota

We are based in Saint Paul,MN.  We use hollow body guitars and use slide guitar style on one third of our songs.  We play many Blues Songs using acoustic guitar to all the listener to hear the subtle 7th chord tones both major and minor as found on early blues recordings.  We have lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums.  We also incorporate banjo and bottle neck guitar on some songs. We play several Robert Johnson songs true to his original performances.  We also have some original tunes sprinkled into our performances.  We try to use many of the original artists key lead riffs but add our own performance to each song Often we get called for encoren after encore and keep the audience engaged with our performance.  we have videos of live performances on gigmasters desoto blues, also music can be found of liver recordings for entire live recorded songs so you can hear our actual live sound.  Enjoy and feel free to book us for an evening or special event.  We have all or own equipment and sound system and have a practice and recording studio in Saint Paul.  You are welcome to come and listen to a live rehearsal for consideration in hiring us for you venue.  We bring our own gear, load, unload and connect.  You can also connect into our sound board if you a videographer at the performance.  We can also, connext SD card or video camera to record an entire performance.  We can send you additional audio recordings and sometimes have a female lead singer available per event request.