Diamond Is Forever! The Neil Diamond Experience

Based in Beverly Hills CA

80's music and International Tribute and Recording Artist David J. Sherry makes you “Feel The Neil” in a live performance of Neil Diamond’s greatest hits spanning over 5 decades. Backed by his celebrated Diamond Is Forever! Band, David Sherry is recognized for his personal and passionate delivery of Neil Diamond's songs rather than a mechanically cloned impersonation. From high energy rock and pop to dramatic ballads and haunting love songs, fans say "David sings them like he's lived them" in a genuine tribute to the music and lyrics of the legendary singer-songwriter.  No doubt about it, Neil Diamond rocks! and David Sherry proves it.

Indisputably the whole package, David Sherry is recognized by industry professionals to possess not only the looks and talent but the characteristic charisma of the great legend himself.  When interviewed by the San Diego UnionTribune, Randy Sterling, bass player for for Neil Diamond's band said, “This is exactly what I remember when I was standing 4 feet from Neil (on tour) . . . what sets Sherry apart is that he gives a heart-felt tribute rather than a mechanically cloned performance.''  Alan Graham, author of  "I Remember Jim Morrison," wrote in the Coronado Clarion, "Sherry does NOT impersonate Neil Diamond.  He simply pays great tribute to a great entertainer.  Most tribute bands or clone acts fall far short in their attempts to imitate the original artist and I have never seen anyone who could.  David Sherry  kicks  the door down in this regard because he is more than a mere entertainer.  He is absolutely immersed in his presentation of Diamond’s work, and to most of the audience, it WAS Neil Diamond on stage, not David Sherry.  The real David Sherry has literally bottled the essence of the music and the spirit.  Then he dispenses it to his audience as surely as healing medicine.''' 

As a recording artist, David Sherry has the distinction of producing and releasing the only Neil Diamond cover CD that has reached the top of music charts. His “Glory Road” CD released in 2014 rose to the top 10 on European album charts during the summer of 2015, peaking at #1 in September where it remained for 3 weeks. Appearing on TV, radio and live on stage both nationally and internationally, this engaging show has an unbroken record for standing ovations.

Unique for his own personal ability to entertain and emotionally connect with his audiences as well as his impassioned interpretation of the songs and lyrics of Neil Diamond, David Sherry has formatted a project which is both danceable and listenable providing options ideal for any event whether it is large concerts, clubs, weddings, parties, fund raisers and theaters and whether the audience wants to dance or simply sit and watch a concert show.

Comprised of some of the best musicians in Southern California, the 8-piece Diamond Is Forever! Band, formed in 2005, breathes life into the decade upon decade of Neil Diamond hits. Playing before audiences of all demographics, both large and small, David J. Sherry and his Diamond Is Forever! Band immerse the audience in a real Neil Diamond Experience. As one critic wrote, "Next time you hear about David J. Sherry's Diamond Is Forever! appearing . . . Go! Run, do not walk, to buy tickets. You'll enjoy yourself as we did." (Lyle Davis, The Paper, October 8, 2009)


Diamond Is Forever! The Neil Diamond Experience