Based in Skokie IL

Diamondback is best known for their long residency at Carol’s Pub.  Carol’s Pub, the temporarily shuttered, infamous North-side nightclub, voted as “the best after-hours bar,” “the best dive bar,” “the best Country honky tonk in Chicago,” and other well deserved accolades, has, in its long and storied past, been the home of many truly great purveyors of classic country music.

Arguably, the best of the bunch is Diamondback.  Workin’ the room literally from 9 to 5 (that’s  PM to AM folks…) every Friday, Saturday AND Sunday for a lotta years, Diamondback’s extensive song list is truly a history of Country and, for that matter, American pop music.  They specialize in Classic Country but are just as convincing playing oldies, country rock, southern rock, modern country and Americana.

Tight harmonies, great musicianship and a respect for the music and those that have come before them, Diamondback will make you wanna buy a beer just so you can cry in it.  They’ll make you wanna dance, they’ll make you wanna sing along.  They’ll take you everywhere from your first date to your last divorce, to the love you just found, or the love you just lost.

Diamondback 2018 takes something from every edition, wherever they go, wherever they play, moving forward with their unique brand of Honky Tonk.  C’mon and see what the fuss is all about…

Amarillo by Morning cover
Why Not Me cover
Diamondback - _SUDS IN THE BUCKET_ (cover)