Just Jethro

Based in Glen Carbon IL

Those who have "Just Jethro" know that this guy "brings it." He's perfect for those on a budget or smaller clubs who lack the room for a full sized band. In existence since 2010, "Just Jethro" built a reputation of providing an outstanding value.

The tact is one word, "Fun." Every appearance is assigned a theme of a reason to celebrate. Gigs represent an honor and privilege to make music in a manner that insures top-notch, fun-oriented music presentation that encourages dance & celebration.

You can expect sersious attention to detail from:
* song selection/arrangement,
* to sound,
* to lighting,
* to promotion,
everything is covered.

Song selection/arrangement -
* Motown * Beach Party * Grateful Dead * Horn-oriented * Winery favorites * Oldies * Classic Rock * 80's *

Songs have sequenced parts (horns, keyboard, etc) allowing for greater flexibility of song selection. Sequencing is a more difficult form of music presentation; musicians must hit specific, unchangeable markers during song performance. More energy than an acoustic act, for essentially the same pricing level. "Just Jethro" especially enjoys performing horn-oriented groups like Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears, and The Ides of March using this format; something that would otherwise not be possible for a one-man act. If groups like "Rush" used sequencing, who can look down on the process????

Sound -
Sound is by BOSE. That would normally be "nuff said," but Just Jethro adheres to the concept of "BOSE, used as designed." Units are placed "back-line" meaning they are placed to the rear of stage. There are no wedge monitors, no in-ear monitors; nothing separates performer from the audience perspective. This allows assurance of a proper mix at any volume. Just Jethro makes sure to work toward making the mix right on stage. This arrangement also encourages interaction between performer and audience. Overall, the process is a holistically better way to produce and witness live music. As an example, it is a known fact that hearing aids distort loud sounds. Just Jethro routinely makes believers out of folks who thought they would never be able to appreciate live music again because of clean, moderate volume, music presentation.

Lighting -
Sequences operate an 18 fixture (LED) lighting system controlled by DMX-512 protocol. The colors are vibrant, rich, and digitally sequenced to make sense to the music being performed.

Promotion -
Each appearance with a theme to make the event a reason to celebrate. From National Beer Day to St. Patrick's, there is a reason every day to appreciate life. 

In Conclusion -
When you're ready to take your event to the next level in an affordable manner, you're ready to get an act with the track record of live music performance designed to make your event the best it can be. You're ready for "Just Jethro."

Just Jethro - Acoustically
Just Jethro - Under Lights

Prices may vary depending on travel distance/location, date, special performance requirements or required expenses.
Just Jethro
Price: $500.00
Number of Performers: 1
Duration: 3 hours
Extra Hourly Rate: $300.00

This quote is for solo performance with sequenced music (& lighting for evening events). Emcee service for weddings and other events. Just Jethro provides an excellent guide for brides to fill out in preparation for their reception, including events with time markers down to phonetic annunciations of wedding party names.