Sal Crocker

Based in Los Angeles CA

Studio Musician, Saxophonist and entertainer.  Recently recorded with Chris Brown.  Studied at Berklee College of Music Seleno “Sal” Crocker manages TWO very successful careers during one lifetime. Along with being an award-winning Saxophonist, this artist also serves as a successful major airline pilot for the last 30 years. Yes, Sal has managed to equally master his Mark VI and the Airbus at the same time. Growing up, Sal always had a desire to fly but, once he picked up the saxophone at age 10, he defined his two passions: Flying and the Saxophone. So, instead of choosing one career over the other, he decided to tackle them both, simultaneously.

The Springs Los Angeles - April 2015,
Bye Bye Blackbird - Sal Crocker & James Sexton,