San Diego Santa John

Based in Carlsbad California

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Experience the Magic of Santa John and Fill Your Festivities With Christmas Spirit!

Whether with or without Mrs. Santa, Santa John is poised to transform your party or special event into a wondrous celebration. Overflowing with the true spirit of Christmas, Santa John brings an unparalleled jolliness and joy to your holiday festivities.

Santa John's journey as an Occupational Therapist dedicated to serving children, the handicapped, and the less fortunate has woven a tapestry of compassion and sensitivity. Bringing the magic of Christmas to hospitals and countless homes, Santa John, described by many children as the "Real Santa," seamlessly blends his professional demeanor with a natural talent for entertainment.

A distinguished member of IBRBS and FORBS, Santa John is a Real Bearded Santa with insured and background-checked credentials through these esteemed organizations. Accompanied by Mrs. Santa, upon arrangement, Santa John is ready to bring the enchantment of Christmas into your home.

Some of the Magic Santa John can Bring To Your Party:

🎶 Singing carols

📖 Reading Christmas stories

🎁 Bringing in  and passing out Christmas presents

📝 Writing letters to Santa

🎄 Making your Christmas celebration complete


Contact us to schedule your event and explore how Santa John can make your Christmas truly magical. While primarily serving the San Diego area, Santa John is open to extending his services to other Southern California areas as agreed upon with the customer.

Customer Reviews:

🌟 Wonderfully Magical Santa San Diego: "Santa John was so full of jolly and cheer! He made sure every child (and parent) got time with him and even had a surprise for the birthday girl! Fantastic experience!" - Ashley G.

🌟 Authentically Wonderful Santa Experience: "Santa John was great! Everyone Loved him! He had a wonderful entrance, and the kids adored him. Would perhaps like him to read from the actual storybook 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' next time and maybe engage the children in some Christmas songs. Other than that, he was a really authentic Santa." - Rosalyn N.

🌟 Highly Recommended: "Wow, this Santa was great with our guests of 12 children at a Christmas party. He was polite, humorous, and very authentic. Arrived on time and followed instructions well, bringing a huge bag of gifts and making a spectacular entrance. I would rate 10 stars if I could." - Jorge V.

🌟 Engaging and Perfect Santa: "Santa showed up on time, set up was easy, and he was great with the children. He interacted with the kids who were really engaged with him. I will definitely be hiring him next year. I highly recommend this San Diego Santa!" - Efrain C.

🌟 Flawless Santa Performance: "Great Santa. Everything went perfect ... the chair, the bag, the look, everything... great job!!" - Steven D.

Wonderstruck Encounters: Throughout the year, children are captivated by Santa John's presence, expressing their wonder and belief in the magic of Santa Claus. From heartwarming encounters in cafes to whispered affirmations of Santa John being the "REAL" Santa, the enchantment he brings transcends the ordinary, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Santa John of Carlsbad-Surprise Visit From Santa