Santa Phillip

Based in Macedonia OH

Santa Phillip is a real-beard Santa who has been a Polar Express Santa for 10 years, in the Akron-Cleveland Ohio area.

He “arrives” ringing sleigh bells and greets everyone with hi-fi's and fist bumps.  Special attention to special need kids and adults.

Prearranged options: Pass out bells, candy canes, party favors. a letter/gift to each child.  Santa's special chair or Santa walks around as you choose.

Children (and Grandmothers...) csn sit on Santa's knee.

Santa can read a story or present a special gift.  Santa can also bring a bag of light fluffy “north pole snowballs” for a snowball fight in a basement, rec room, or other such “safe” area.

Santa can work with any photographer. And sign keepsakes.  Insured and Background Check annually. 

“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.” Santa Phillip 2019    8792 Crow Drive Macedonia, OH 44056