Santa Ron Jolly Elf

Based in Marlton NJ

A typical event visit would have Santa making a grand entrance, sometimes to children and parents singing "Santa is Comming to Town" or another Christams Song.  As Santa takes his seat the Children would line up and a helper would direct them to start, one family at a time, to visit with Santa for a few minutes and take Photo's.  Santa then gives each child a gift of some sort (provided by the event planner). When the line is complted Santa then departs.  Some of the types of events/parties Santa Ron has visited range from School Fundraisers, Cub Scout and Brownie Parties, Community Centers, Daycares to Pet Rescues and more.

Home visits are only an hour at most, Santa arrives with the gifts already in his bag.  Usually a parent places them in an unlocked car for Santa to retreve prior to entering the home.  Santa is shown to a comfy chair with room around it for all the children to sit on the floor or other furnature around him.  Santa will call the children up to speak directly to them individually as the others watch. Usually asking what each has on thier list and Santa always asks about School and Activities. Then Santa reads a book to them some times the children eat cookies at this time. When all is done Santa says good bye.