Santa Steve Kringle

Based in Denver Colorado

      Santa Steve superbly portrays the Magic of Santa and loves children to tell him their Wish List.  He has had 2-year olds fall asleep in his arms during pictures.  He is fond of our senior population and enjoys the revelations of fond memories of 80-90 years ago. 

      Santa Steve’s ability to engage children is renowned, and he will even sit or lie down on the floor at an infant/toddler’s level so they may explore at their leisure the wonders of Santa.  He rushes no one and always finds a way to work around the hysterical child, helping the Photographer, parent or grandparent to obtain that treasured photograph, perhaps amidst a few "scared to death" shots in order to get the one good photo.

      In 1999, Steve Patterson became Santa Claus for his wife's elementary school, neighbors and friends.  Then in 2004, Steve formed Kringle25 and became Santa Steve for several country clubs, daycare centers, a few restaurants and other corporate parties.

      During the holiday season, Santa Steve appears in country and athletic clubs, community events, horse or mule hay/sleigh rides, day care centers, office parties, Christmas Eve visits, home parties, conventions, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, dance schools, gymnastic facilities, restaurants, hotels, banquet facilities and catered events.

      Santa Steve would be pleased to appear in your film, video or other media event, and enjoys being a Master of Ceremonies” for whatever appropriate event you have in mind.  Many of my customers ask for a video (For which I charge a nominal fee) to advertise an event on their website, and I am galadto help wherever I can.

      I am presently celebrating my 20th year of working "In the Red,"  and have made nearly 650 Santa appearances since 1999.  

While I am presently booked for many appearances on weekends in December,  I am available on or after August 1, 2018.   Please call for my availability this year and in 2019 for the date and time of your choice.