Based in Long beach CA

My name is Santa William Yarger.  I am a real bearded Santa since 2005. I am fully insured, with a current clean background check. I am a member in good standing with a number of local and national Santa organizations, including the IBRBS (International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas). I have worked extensively in local malls, at corporate events, civic and private functions, and home visits. I wear one of three theatrical quality costumes, complete with leather boots and belt.

I remain in character throughout my entire performance. I concentrate on each individual child and hope to make his/her experience thoroughly enchanting. I emphasize the positive aspects of Christmas and its traditions while addressing each child's concerns and questions in a very real yet gentle manner. It is my desire to promote the belief in the spirit of Christmas and to foster the idea of Santa Claus. I, do not, however, neglect the adults. I clearly reinforce the parents' role in the child's life, deferring all decisions to them. I  make it known that the child and the parents both play important roles in the welfare and progress of each other as individuals and as a family unit as well. I promote the idea of the parents' obligation of providing for the children's well being, but also show the child’s vital role and duty to assist and make this task more easily and successfully done. I approach the family dynamic holistically and try to introduce and prioritize behaviors that will be unifying in nature.

I am seeking visits in Los Angeles and Orange counties specifically but am interested in outside areas as well. I am especially seeking work outside the traditional Christmas season. I find international Santa work to be particularly intriguing.